The Most Inspirational Freelancer in Bangladesh.

What is freelancing?

Freelancing is the type of activities being paid for working on a project that you complete on your own time, with no boss or manager.

In another word, you work as an independent contractor and you are free to choose your hours, with no time clock or micromanager.

What is outsourcing?

Outsourcing is another word for hiring another company to complete a project.

It’s more like “hiring workers” for projects, but they are independent contractors as freelancers are. You can outsource almost any type of work online now.

Why are Bangladeshi people doing Freelancing?

Nowadays there are many reasons why Bangladeshi freelancers are doing outsourcing. First off, it will help boost their local economy by creating jobs for locals and you don’t have to travel out of the country to find good outsourced work. Secondly, it helps create jobs at home so less skilled people can also contribute in the industries by offering services which will save money since you don’t have to hire someone permanently if you don’t need it. With outsourcing, you can hire someone when you need it and release them when you don’t need it, so there is no long-term hiring cost involved in this type of work.

Why are foreigners doing freelancing in Bangladesh?

There are many good reasons why foreigners are attracted to Bangladeshi freelancers and companies. First off, they offer very low rates compared to other countries and they do an excellent job at completing projects with great quality. The second reason is that the Bangladeshi freelance market has very low competition due to a small population and many jobs go unnoticed or undiscovered by foreign workers because there isn’t much information about them available online like other popular freelancing websites such as oDesk, Fiverr, and The third reason is that Bangladesh has a very high English-speaking population which means foreigners can do their jobs with no language barrier, unlike other countries where they have to hire translators or interpreters to complete projects because foreign workers cannot understand the native language of that country.

Who is the most Inspirational freelancer in Bangladesh?

Rasel Ahmed- The most inspirational freelancer in Bangladesh

Rasel Ahmed, founder of RRF is the most popular and inspirational freelancer in Bangladesh.

Rasel Ahmed is very inspiring for all Bangladeshi people, especially young members of our society who are looking for jobs but do not have many options in our country to make money online without investing much money or time.

Lots of youths have started dreaming to work online and earn a handsome amount of money only because of Rasel Ahmed. Rasel Ahmed provides almost all kinds of web design and development tutorials in Bangla without any fee.

He has helped thousands of people in Bangladesh to start freelancing with his regular proper guidelines.

He was featured in the country’s most popular daily Newspapers, TV channels, and journals.

He was the speaker of various tech seminars and has been interviewed by many popular websites and newspapers.

Why do we think he is so successful?

We think Rasel Ahmed is so successful because of his talent, dedication, and hardworking for this country’s freelancing industry.

Instead, he invested that money into outsourcing, especially for Bangladeshi people to encourage them to do freelance work online under him and earn a handsome amount of income without leaving home. He also encourages young minds who want to start doing business but don’t have enough knowledge on how to start.

Why do we think he is the most inspirational freelancer in Bangladesh?

We think Rasel Ahmed is the most inspirational freelancer from Bangladesh because of his contribution to this country’s freelancing industry and other reasons mentioned above. He helps people build their careers by offering jobs and advice through his blog and other websites which he manages which is very hard to find among other Bangladeshi freelancers who only earn money online without helping others or encouraging other fellow members. We wish him luck in his future projects and we hope that many young generations will follow his path in the future.