Rajshahi University, Bangladesh



The University of Rajshahi, also known as Rajshahi University or RU, is a public co-educational research university in Bangladesh situated near the northern Bangladeshi city of Rajshahi in a 305-hectare campus in Motihar, 3 kilometers East of the Rajshahi city centre. Wikipedia
Address: Administration Building 1, Rajshahi, Bangladesh


Students: 38,291(2019)
Pro-Vice-Chancellor: Ananda Kumar Saha
Campus: Urban, 305 ha (753 acres)
Founded: March 31, 1953
Affiliations: University Grants Commission (UGC)
Subsidiary: Institute of Business Administration (IBA), RU



Rajshahi University is a public university based in Rajshahi, Bangladesh. It is the sixth oldest university in Bangladesh.

Rajshahi University was established as an affiliating and examining body on 1 July 1953 by an ordinance of the East Pakistan government. The objective of establishing this university was to encourage higher education especially the study of arts, commerce, and science. Classes were initially held at Bahadur Shah Park (the present campus) with a handful of students but now it has been developed into one of the largest universities in Bangladesh with around 50 thousand students studying under 19 faculties. The Faculty Of Engineering & Technology started its journey from 10 January 2002 AD as per Rajshahi University authority’s decision no 01/2002/QR-01 dated 25 November 2001. On 1st April 2010, BTEB has been given the autonomy to operate as an independent university under The School and Mass Education Department, Govt. of Bangladesh.

Rajshahi University: Faculty list

1. Faculty of Engineering & Technology

2. Faculty of Architecture

3. Faculty of Information and Communication Technology

4. Faculty of Civil Engineering

5. Faculty of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

6. Faculty of Mechanical & Production Engineering

7. Faculty of Textile Engineering& Fashion Designing

8. Faculty Of Computer Studies And Research (FCSR)

9 . Faculty Of Business Administration & Economics (FBADE)

10 . Public Administration Institute (PAI)

11 . Center For Disaster Management And Human Rights (CDMHR)

12. Social Welfare Training Institute(SWTI).

13 . Chemistry Department

14 . Physics Department

15. Mathematics Department

16 . Biotechnology Department

17 . Pharmacy Department

18 . Life Science Department

19. Civil Engineering Department(CED)

20. Architecture & Planning Department(APT)

21. Textile Engineering & Fashion Designing (TEFD)

22. Computer Science And Research Center (CSRC)

23 . Materials And Metallurgical Engineering Department (MMED).

24 . Vocational Training For Women Development Centre(VTWDC).

25 . Public Administration Institute (PAI)

26 . Center For Disaster Management And Human Rights (CDMHR)

27 Social Welfare Training Institute(SWTI).

28 Chemistry Department, Rajshahi University of Engineering and Technology(RUET), Bangladesh.

29 Physics department, RU18, Rajshahi, Bangladesh

30 Mathematics Department, RU18, Rajshahi, Bangladesh

31 Biotechnology Department,

32 Pharmacy department,

33 Life Science Department

34 Civil Engineering Department

35 Architecture & Planning department(APT)

36 Textile Engineering & Fashion Designing

37 Computer Science And Research Center

38 Materials And Metallurgical Engineering Department

39. Vocational Training For Women Development Centre

40 . Public Administration Institute

41 . Center For Disaster Management And Human Rights

42 Social Welfare Training Institute

43 Chemistry Department

44 Physics department

45 Mathematics

How is the campus environment of Rajshahi University?

The campus of the university is situated on a small hill. The main academic building, administrative building, and vice chancellor’s residence are located at the topmost part of the hill. Other buildings and hostels are scattered around this hillock. There are two stone-paved roads among these buildings leaving a path in between for pedestrians. There are some trees planted along these roads which add beauty to the environment. But green plants play a vital role in providing clean air and maintaining environmental balance within the campus area.

Is it difficult to get a chance in RU?

Not so much difficult if you are studios, hard-working and plan ful.It is not very difficult for getting admission in Rajshahi University but it is a little bit tough to get any chance of studying/research if you are not hard-working or frank, studious.

Rajshahi University Hostel Life:

There are four hostels for the students- two for males and two for females. Except this, there is an old students’ dormitory on the university campus which can accommodate about 100 students. Both of the old student’s hostels are collectively called Old Students’ Dormitory.

How many buses stand at Rajshahi University?

There is only one bus stand which provides service to the local people as well as university students. This bus stand is right in front of the Vice-Chancellor’s Quarters where four buses used to operate round the clock. There are three route numbers through which two buses carry passengers from here to Paharpur while another one goes to Baisipara and a fourth bus operates within the campus. Besides, there are also transportation facilities available like rickshaw and auto-rickshaw for crossing over the roads connecting different parts of this small town. So can easily use any transport that you want.

Rajshahi University Finance Department.

The finance department of Rajshahi University consists of three sub-units: the Finance and Accounting Unit (FAU), the Stores and Purchase Unit (SPU), and the Cashier’s Office (CO). The overall responsibility for this office is held by a Financial Controller. Among these units, SPU deals with all matters relating to stores management while FAU executes financial administration in consultation with its controllers. CO has a very important role to ensure that money is distributed to different units or allocated for expenditure returns back as store items within the stipulated time limit.

Rajshahi University Marketing Department.

The Marketing department of Rajshahi University deals with the Department system, committee system, and different clubs. The main duty of this office is to take care of all commercial activities within the university. Besides these duties, this department also has to plan for organizing different seminars, conferences, and other academic programs in collaboration with different departments. Besides conducting courses/workshops on marketing management, it also takes initiatives in producing efficient manpower by arranging field study projects as well as internships for students of different departments.

Rajshahi University Accounting Department.

The accounts department of Rajshahi University is responsible for all financial matters. It also provides training to the students on financial management and accountancy. This department maintains a separate record of expenditure and revenue, which includes all payments made through cash, cheques, or bill vouchers.

Rajshahi University CSE Department.

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) was established in September 2000. The department offers degrees in Bachelor of Science in CSE (4 years), Master of Science in CSE (2 years) as well as research higher degrees (Ph.D.). There are 16 full-time faculty members in the department, which provides a conducive environment to study and conduct research. The laboratories have state-of-the-art equipment for teaching courses at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. In addition, there is also an IEEE Student Branch with 50 active members to encourage students’ activities related to computer engineering and science disciplines. To assist students who come from various backgrounds, the department holds short-term courses on modern communication techniques such as Web Programming, ANSI C Programming, and Microsoft Office.

Rajshahi University Journalism Department.

The Department of Mass Communication & Journalism (MCJ) was established in March 1988 with the motive to produce professional journalists for modern society. Aspiring students can study different courses on this subject like Bachelor of Arts (Honors) in MCJ, Master of Arts (Journalism), Master of Arts (Mass Communication), and research higher degrees (Ph.D.) related to mass communication and journalism at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Besides, there are also two specializations offered on the basis of subjects included in master’s degree programs: Radio-TV and Digital Media Studies. The department has a number of experienced as well as state-of-the-art equipment for teaching and learning. The department puts its students in the center of learning so that they can develop their abilities to analyze, organize ideas, process information effectively, communicates clearly and logically, perceive change rationally, and manage risk prudently.

Rajshahi University Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) Department:

The department offers degree programs in Business Administration which is one of the traditional profitable business fields. According to a survey by Bangla Tribune Research Cell on “Performance of Private Universities” in Bangladesh BBA from Rajshahi University got 1st place among all 80 private universities in Bangladesh. This department has five different sections like Marketing Management Section, Finance & Banking Section, Human Resource Management Section, International Business Management Section, and General Section.

Rajshahi University Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA) Department:

The department offers four years Honours undergraduate degree program in computer applications which is the first of its kind in this region. This program has been started to meet the increasing demand for efficient manpower in the field of ICT. The department provides highly qualified & well-experienced faculty members, updated curriculum, state-of-the-art infrastructure, transportation, and studying environment. There are six different sections like Programming language section, Language Development section, Database Management Systems section, Multimedia Information System section, Networking & Communication System section, and Web Designing Section.

Rajshahi University Library Department.

The main duty of library department is to collect books and journals in many subjects of different faculties available at Rajshahi University. Besides these duties, this office also arranges awards/certificates to students who achieve good results in major examinations conducted by universities outside Bangladesh. Besides collecting such books, it also scrutinizes the quality of research papers produced by university teachers besides performing liaison work with other libraries for extending inter.


How is Rajshahi University Library?

Rajshahi University library has a very good collection of books related to all subjects taught at the university level. It not only supplies textbooks and reference books but helps in providing authentic information about different subjects. The library has three categories of memberships for teachers and students: life, annual, and casual membership. In addition to this, it also provides access to internet facilities for easy research work.

In conclusion, it can be said that Rajshahi University is a university where both research and education take place at the highest level. This university has maintained its character throughout history. The main reason behind this is that the administration of Rajshahi University does not interfere with the academic affairs of students and teachers which provides them the freedom to conduct their own activities without any external influence.