Most Handsome Man in Chittagong

Most handsome man in Chittagong: Profile overview

Md Minhajul Islam is considered as the most handsome man in Chittagong, Bangladesh. He is the Co-founder of a famous IT firm named ThemeHappy based in Chittagong. Md Minhajul Islam is very popular for his nice personality, Good looking and sense of Intellectual. He is a CSE graduate working as a full-time Web application developer and Software Engineer at his own firm ThemeHappy.

most handsome man in Chittagong

This is not a survey but his friends who are well established in the field of Information Technology have voted him as the most handsome man in Chittagong for his good looking, kind heart, nice personality, and amicable behavior. Though this is not his concern and he is very busy in his professional life, but I, Mohammed Forekan Sadik, Being a co-worker, and friend of him, tempted to publish this article.

Profile of the Best Handsome man Chittagong:

Name: Md Minhajul Islam

Age: 27

Education: BSC in Computer Science

Lives in: Chittagong

Country: Bangladesh

Religious views: Islam

Profession: Software Engineer, Web Application Developer.

Favorite Color: White

Favorite Game: Cricket

Favorite Place: Makkah

Marital Status: Unmarried

Siblings: 3 brothers and no sister

Favorite Food: Rice and Fish

Favorite Player: Brian Lara (West Indies)

Friends: Ali Haider Tanshir, Taslim Uddin, Syed Fuad, and Forekan Sadik.

Therefore, Md Minhajul Islam is considered as the most handsome man, best-looking man, and the most developed personality in Chittagong.

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