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Graphics Design Bangla: A Solid Introduction.


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What is Graphics Design?

Graphics design is a form of artwork that is used to convey an idea or message in the form of an image (drawing) through digital or analog means.

Visual communication is very much important in today’s fast-growing technological world because it helps people in understanding things quickly and makes them aware of certain things. It enhances beauty, creates experiences, and tells stories. Graphics Design is broadly categorized into several areas: Web Design, Animation, Illustration, Print Design, Surface Pattern Design, etc. The web designer has to bear these types of designs while creating website layouts, designing web banners, and other graphic elements.

Benefits of learning Graphics Design:

There are so many benefits of learning graphic design. It enhances your creativity, imagination power, and inner vision to find out the best suitable way for conveying a message or an idea. These qualities help in shaping up the professional life and boost up self-confidence level which is needed to manage various responsibilities effectively. After learning some basic graphic design techniques, we can develop our own project ideas and also earn money by designing websites as freelancers or from any reputed web design company that matches our skills and interests. In addition, these skills help us in applying for jobs related to graphic designers.

How to earn money while learning Graphics Design?

If you want to earn money then there are so many options available. You can learn advanced graphic design software, start making websites for clients, or maybe start up your own online business. Web designing is one of the best ways to get success quickly in this field as nowadays web designs have become an essential part of any website and business worldwide. If you have learned graphic design software like Photoshop, Illustrator, and Dreamweaver then you will be having sufficient knowledge related to websites layout designing which is really helpful in earning money. In addition, these skills also help you in becoming a freelancer and finding out projects on freelance sites like ‘up work, Fiverr,’ etc. where you can get projects based on your own skills and interests.

Areas of Graphic Design:

  1. Logo design
  2. Banner design
  3. Webpage design
  4. T-Shirt Design
  5. Mockup
  6. e-book design
  7. Flyer design
  8. Brochure design
  9. Business Card Design
  10. Magazine Ads
  11. Poster/Advertisement
  12. Illustration
  13. Badge design and so on

Graphics Design Bangla

How much money a Graphic designer can make from Bangladesh?

One can easily get a job in a reputed company in Bangladesh. According to a survey, their salary ranges between 15000 and 65000 per month. Some of them get higher salaries due to their hard work and experience. You can also find many freelance websites like Upwork, Fiverr where graphic designers can earn money by doing projects according to their skills and interests, or maybe part-time jobs related to graphics designing. Sometimes you will have an opportunity to work along with a reputed team involved in software development which is really helpful for those who are interested in getting trained from the scratch.

What tools are required to learn Graphic Design?

To learn graphic design, the first thing you need is :

  1. A desktop or a laptop.
  2. Adobe Photoshop Software
  3. Adobe Illustrator Software

Is it difficult to learn Graphic design?

It is not difficult to learn graphic design. In fact, it will be very interesting for you as you will be learning new things and developing your creativity at the same time. After learning some basic techniques, you can become a professional in this field with long-term determination and hard work. It is only about your passion; how much eagerness are you showing to achieve your goal.

Do I need any certificate after completing a Graphic design course from Bangladesh?

No! You don’t have to do any kind of certification unless or until you want to get a job in a reputed company. A student who learns graphic design gets the opportunity to develop his/her creative thinking by using their imagination power which helps them in creating attractive designs for different purposes.

What are the other courses I can choose after completing a graphic design course?

If your goal is to become a sole graphic designer only, then you can choose any courses related to graphic design. But if you want to enhance your career as a professional then there are many other fields that will be helpful after completing your graphic design course like:


Cinema production

Video editing

3D modeling and so on

How much it takes time for becoming a professional Graphic designer?

To become a successful graphic designer, you have to develop your skills continuously in this field. It will take some time according to your talent and interest. Maybe around 6 months, 1 year, or even 2 years with full-time dedication, if you want to become an expert graphic designer but still it depends on how much effort do you put in learning new things, updating yourself with the latest trend of the industry, etc. You will find many professional graphic designers who work in this field for a very long time but still, they are not experts. Because it is all about learning and updating your knowledge constantly to become a successful professional.

What tips can you give to become a Professional Graphic designer?

Keep yourself updated with the latest trend of the industry You should follow some reputed design blogs related to graphic designing which will help you in getting new ideas, short tutorials, etc. It will be best if you join any local community where expert graphic designers are involved in sharing their experience, skills, techniques in this field which will be helpful for your own growth as well as helping others too. Besides that always try to keep your mind open by practicing different ideas because creativity doesn’t come by learning only. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comment box below. We will try to reply to you at our earliest as soon as possible.

Where to learn Graphics Design Bangla course?

There are many institutes in Banglades that offer Graphic design courses, but all are not equally experts. Therefore, it is always good to find an institute that is known for its quality training in the field of graphic designing. Here, we are going to share our personal experience as a student of this institute.

Based on our past experience and previous student reviews. We can recommend the Graphic Design Master Course from MSD Academy.

I already know Graphics Design, how can I earn money?


If you are an expert in Graphics design and have the creativity to design awesome things. Then you can earn lots of money from Fiverr. Creating an account in Fiverr is simple and it’s free. Just click here.