Enrollment Trends: STEM vs. Humanities

Education plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of nations, with enrollment trends offering insights into the evolving interests and priorities of students. In Bangladesh, as in many countries, the choice between STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) and humanities subjects reflects broader societal shifts and educational aspirations.

Understanding Enrollment Trends

Over the past decade, enrollment patterns in Bangladesh have shown varying preferences between STEM and humanities subjects among students. Let’s delve into these trends through a comparison illustrated by a stacked bar chart:


stem vs humanities bar chart

Stacked Bar Chart Comparison

The following stacked bar chart compares enrollment trends in STEM and humanities subjects from 2015 to 2022:

  • STEM (Blue): Represents the enrollment numbers in STEM subjects, including disciplines like engineering, mathematics, and sciences.
  • Humanities (Red): Represents the enrollment numbers in humanities subjects, encompassing fields such as literature, social sciences, and arts.

Insights from the Data

From the chart, several insights can be gleaned:

  • STEM Enrollment: Shows a consistent upward trend over the years, indicating a growing interest and recognition of the importance of STEM disciplines in the educational landscape.
  • Humanities Enrollment: While also showing growth, humanities enrollment generally exhibits a stable pattern, reflecting enduring interest in fields that foster critical thinking, creativity, and social understanding.

Implications and Considerations

The choice between STEM and humanities subjects not only reflects personal interests but also societal needs and economic priorities:

  • STEM Education: With the global emphasis on technological advancements and innovation, the rise in STEM enrollment underscores Bangladesh’s efforts to equip its workforce with skills essential for technological and scientific progress.
  • Humanities Education: Humanities subjects play a crucial role in cultivating well-rounded individuals capable of understanding cultural diversity, ethical considerations, and societal challenges—skills vital for fostering inclusive and informed communities.

Future Directions

As Bangladesh navigates the complexities of educational reform and development, understanding enrollment trends in STEM and humanities subjects provides valuable insights for policymakers, educators, and students alike. Balancing investments in both STEM and humanities education ensures a holistic approach to preparing future generations for a dynamic and interconnected world.


Enrollment trends in STEM and humanities subjects in Bangladesh reflect evolving educational aspirations and societal priorities. By examining these trends through data-driven analyses such as stacked bar charts, stakeholders can better understand the educational landscape and make informed decisions to foster inclusive and sustainable development in the realm of education.

As we continue to explore and adapt to changing educational paradigms, embracing both STEM and humanities disciplines ensures a comprehensive approach to nurturing well-rounded individuals capable of driving positive change in Bangladesh and beyond.