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Dhaka Education Board Bangladesh

As the capital of Bangladesh, Dhaka is also known as The City of Education. To impart good education to the people of Dhaka, the Dhaka Education board was founded on May 7, 1921, by combining four existing institutes and taking over two newly established ones with an aim to provide high-quality education at the secondary level.

DEB has come into existence fulfilling one of the primary demands of the people of Dhaka for efficient and systematic education in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

It is an autonomous organization and responsible for holding public examinations for the entire Dhaka division and publishing results that include:

1. JSC exam, JSC exam result

2. SSC exam, SSC exam result

3. HSC exam, HSC exam result

It is also responsible for preparing to admit cards, registration cards, preparing syllabus, short syllabus, mark sheet, providing registration number, roll number, exam routine, etc.

It was established on May 7, 1921, by act no. XLVIII of a govt. organization attached to the ministry of education with a view to impart quality education at primary, secondary, and higher-secondary levels together with vocational training through formal schooling within the purview of national policies framed by parliament and other legal bodies as well as promoting research activities among teachers, students, and scholars through proper academic channels. The chairman is appointed by the president from amongst citizens having special knowledge or practical experience in educational matters. The chairman may appoint one or more vice-chairmen to assist him in his work.

Administrative Roles:

(1) To conduct, regulate, and supervise all examinations and assessments for entrance into higher secondary level institutions.

(2) To hold examinations at prescribed intervals of the year for promotion to next grade or classes at primary and secondary levels as well as for selection into higher-secondary (Alim), Dakhil (Equivalent to 10th Class), HSC (equivalent to 12th class).

(3) To organize training programs for school teachers, college lecturers, university professors, and other academic staff.

(4) Collecting fees from students enrolled at institutions affiliated with the Board.

(5) It is responsible for conducting almost all of the public examinations within Dhaka, Bangladesh.

(6) It’s also the duty to ensure the academic performance of students in Dhaka, Bangladesh, and to maintain standards of education.

Not limited to these but they perform various activities based on the situation on demand.

Is the Dhaka education board a Govt. organization or an Autonomous organization?

It is under the Ministry of Education, Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh but it is an autonomous organization and responsible for holding public examinations.

To the Students:

Students can check the result from their phone by SMS, or from the website of the Education board result.

Or Visit the link directly:

Dhaka education Board Notice.

 Notices are updated regularly on a continuous basis. Therefore, it is advisable for all to visit the official website of the Dhaka Education Board.

Dhaka Education Board Address:

13, 14 Joynag Rd, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Founded: May 7, 1921, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Official Website:

Office Hours


Thursday 9a.m.–5p.m.
Friday Closed
Saturday Closed
Sunday 9a.m.–5p.m.
Monday 9a.m.–5p.m.
Tuesday 9a.m.–5p.m.
Wednesday 9a.m.–5p.m.



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