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Brief History:

A public university in Chittagong, Bangladesh

The University of Chittagong is a public research university with multidisciplinary faculties situated across a 2110-acre hilly landmass in Fatehpur Union of Hathazari Upazila, 22 kilometers north of Chittagong city of Bangladesh. This university has the largest campus among Bangladeshi universities. Wikipedia

Address: Chittagong University Rd, 4331, Bangladesh

Vice-Chancellor: Shireen Akhter (as on 2021)

Campus: Rural, 2,110 acres (8.5 km2)

Founded: November 18, 1966

Chancellor: President of Bangladesh Abdul Hamid

Students: 24,283; (Male 15,598, Female 9,179)

Subsidiaries: Institute of Fine Arts, University of Chittagong, Chittagong University Museum

CU is reportedly the largest public university in Bangladesh. It was established in 1966 after the partition of India because many students demanded a university at Chittagong. The permanent campus is situated on 710 acres, approximately 34 kilometers away from Chittagong City. In 2005, the Government of Bangladesh upgraded it to a full-fledged University with its own five-year plan. In 2015, there were 24 departments under 16 faculties and more than 4500 teachers and researchers are engaged in teaching and research activities. About 15000 undergraduate students study here while about 6000 postgraduate level students pursue their academic career within this prolific institution.

List of Faculties of Chittagong University:

1. Faculty of Fine Arts

2. Faculty of Law

3. Faculty of Business Administration

4. Faculty of Science and Information Technology

5. Faculty of Social Sciences

6. Faculty of Life Sciences

7. Faculty of Education and Psychology

8. Faculty of Physical Sciences, Mathematics & Computer Science

9. Faculty Of Agriculture

10 . Faculty Of Engineering And Technology

11 . College Of Veterinary And Animal Science

12 . Faculty Of Health And Medical Science

13 . Institute Of Marine Sciences

14 . Institute Of Modern Languages

15 .Institute For Vocational Education & Training

16 . Centre For Women & Children Studies

17 Center for Energy Studies

18 Folklore Study Center

19 Bio-Resource Development And Genetic Engineering

20 Centre For Advanced Study And Research In Social Sciences

How Chittagong Unversity is playing a vital role in Education:

Every year Chittagong University goes through the process of choosing a new set of students from the thousands who apply for undergraduate and graduate programs. This institution manages to do this very successfully as they select only the most capable students, but there is another side which we must not overlook and that is how these universities keep their student’s morale high during the whole time they are studying here.

University life in all cases can be demanding both financially and academically so it is necessary for students to have a good relationship with their fellow classmates and teachers alike. There is much competition among students in academics so they need all possible moral support from each other, same applies on a teacher-student basis too. It may happen that some really exceptional teachers leave an indelible impression on their students that stays with them for the rest of their lives. So, we can say that a teacher’s role is not just confined to teaching only but he or she also serves as an inspiration to his/her student.

Accordingly, Chittagong University is known for its lively environment where students and faculties interact with each other in a very pleasant atmosphere and this never happens by accident. We all know how much dependent are our emotions on our feelings so living under constant stress and fear does not auger well for the intellectual growth of any university. In this regard, universities in Bangladesh should learn from Chittagong University as they have achieved some great successes in maintaining peace between different genders and religious backgrounds over here. At least, there is no evidence of any gender or religious discrimination at any level here.

Notable Activities:

1) Chittagong University teachers and students are quite aware of their responsibilities towards society as they strive hard to serve better than expected.

2) They also maintain unity among different religions and ethnicities in accordance with the true spirit of Bangladesh’s liberation war.

3) Even the university itself tries its best for Rohingya Muslim refugees by providing them financial support as well as other humanitarian services.

4) It has also joined hands with many international organizations like UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner For Refugees), IOM (International Organization For Migration), etc. to provide necessary assistance to the Rohingyas who are not even citizens of Bangladesh.

5) The university has also established a Research Center for Community Participation in 2015 to conduct research on Rakhine State, Myanmar. And, this is not all; they offer many scholarships for students of the Rohingya community to pursue their higher education here.

6) In the year 2016, Chittagong University organized an international seminar under the topic “Role of Universities in Promoting Sustainable Development” to highlight the significance of universities in solving environmental issues such as climate change and global warming.

7) They have recently held another conference with the same theme i.e. “Universities Role In Promoting Sustainable Development”. This time it was focused on how universities can utilize hydropower resources efficiently while dealing with various ecological and environmental threats.

Is it difficult to get a chance at Chittagong University?

Not at all! Chittagong University is a huge university and its infrastructure can accommodate thousands of students simultaneously. So, there are ample opportunities for every student to pursue their higher education here. The only sine qua non is that they must maintain an excellent overall record from high school as well as intermediate level too. Yet you have to work hard, very hard, to make your dream come true. You have to compete with thousands of other aspirants to be successful in your academic career. Students from across the country take part in the admission test of CU. Hence, getting admission to Chittagong University is not difficult if you are good at your studies.

How can I get admitted there?

Well, this is a million-dollar question and only those students who have already taken part in the admission test of Chittagong University can answer it properly as they must be aware of its current admission process.

How beautiful is the Campus of Chittagong Unversity?

Chittagong University, with its serene campus, is a beautiful place to study and live. It’s one of the most peaceful public universities in Bangladesh. Right from the Chittagong University main gate, you will be welcomed by several historical buildings and libraries. The old buildings are modernized with proper sanitation systems, water supply, etc. There are several cafeterias inside the campus where students can buy food at reasonable prices and spend their free time reading magazines or newspapers. You can see trees all over the campus; hence Chittagong University is also known as “Shahid Minar” because of its green environment.

So if you have passed your SSC (Secondary School Certificate) exams from any high schools under Chittagong Board and have a good scorecard from your HSC (Higher Secondary Certificate) exams too, you can apply for admission in Chittagong University. And if you do well enough in the admission test of CU, your dream to study there will turn into reality. Don’t ever give up till you reach your goal as success is just one examination away!

Chittagong University

Chittagong University Subject List:

There are many subjects under many departments. These are:

Subjects under BBA:

1) Marketing

3) Financial Management

4) Human Resource Management

6) Management Information System

7) Supply Chain & Logistics Management.

Subjects under Law:

1) Company Law and Business Laws (LLB-Hons.)

2) Banking Law and Process (LLB-Hons.)

3) Taxation Law and Practice (LLB-Hons.)

4) International Trade, Investment & Finance Laws (LLM).

Subjects under English:

1 ) Language and Linguistic Sciences (Ph.D.).

2 ) Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL).

3 ) Applied Linguistics (Ph.D.).

4 ) Language Acquisition in Childhood.

5 ) Testing the English Language.

6 ) Second Language Pedagogy.

7 ) English Literature (Ph.D.).

8 ) Linguistic Theory (Ph.D.).

Subjects under Physics:

1) Applied and Engineering Physics (MSc-Hons.)

2) Condensed Matter Physics (MSc-Hons.)

3) Optics, Photonics and Laser Technology (MSc-Hons.) 4) Quantum Information Processing & Technologies (MSc-Hons.).

Subjects under Biology:

1) Ecology and Environmental Biology (BSS-Hons.)

2) General Biological Sciences(BSS-Hons.)

3) Marine Biotechnology and Fisheries Genetics

4) Molecular Biology & Biotechnology (BSS-Hons.)

5) Plant Biology (BSS-Hons.)

6) Soil Science & Land Management (BSS-Hons.)

Subjects under Computer Science and Technology:

1 ) Computer Science and Engineering.

2 ) Information and Communication Engineering

3) Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering

4) Networking and Mobile Computing

5) Software Engineering.

6 ) Web, Multimedia & eBusiness

7 ) Database Management

8 ) Cyber Security

9) Artificial Intelligence

10). Engineering Mathematics

11 ). Cryptography

12 ). Algorithmic Analysis

13). Bioinformatics

14). Image Processing

15). Data Mining

16). Parallel & Distributed Computing

17). Performance Modeling

18). Hardware Design

19 ). Commercialization of Technology

Subjects under Statistics:

1) Applied Statistics & Decision Sciences.

2) Econometrics.

3). Statistical Quality Control & Management.

4). Biostatistics.

5 ). Environmetrics

6 ) Mathematical Finance.

7 )Stats for Public Policy

8 ). Acturial Science.

9 ) Financial Engineering

10). Insurance Mathematics

11 ). Operations Research

Subjects under Social Sciences:


1) Economics (Mphil-Hons. And Ph.D.)

2) Mathematical Economics (Ph.D.).

3) Econometrics and Quantitative Economics (BSS, Mphil-Hons., and Ph.D.)

4) Financial Markets Development & Management(BSS, Mphil-Hons., and Ph.D.)

5) Islamic Banking & Finance(BSS, Mphil- Hons., and Ph.D.).

6 ) Psychology

7 ) Geography

8 ) Anthropology

9) Sociology





14) Mass Communication

15) Commerce

16 ) Library Science

17) Social Work

18 ) Business Administration

19 )Child Rights

Chittagong University should be a role model for all other universities of Bangladesh as they have proved that it is possible to live together in unity even though we may belong to different religions (Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist), ethnicities (Bengali, Marma, Chakma) or backgrounds (higher caste, lower caste). They have set an ideal example of racial harmony which is greatly needed in a country famous for its religious, racial and ethnic disharmony.