Chittagong Education Board, Bangladesh

Chittagong education board

Address: Beside Forest Gate, near Sholoshohor Station, CDA Ave, Chittagong-4000, Bangladesh.

Middle of 2 No gate and Muradpur.


Wednesday 9a.m.–4:59p.m.
Thursday 9a.m.–4:59p.m.
Friday Closed
Saturday Closed
Sunday 9a.m.–4:59p.m.
Monday 9a.m.–4:59p.m.
Tuesday 9a.m.–4:59p.m.

Chittagong Education Board is an autonomous organization, mainly responsible for holding two public examinations. Although it was formed in the year 1896; later on 30 July 1976, it became a government autonomous body. The board functions under the ministry of education as its department.

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Roles and Responsibilities CEB:

-Arranging SSC exam, HSC exam.

– Publishing JSC exam result, SSC exam result, HSC exam result

-Preparing mark sheet.

– Declaring Primary scholarship, JSC scholarship, SSC scholarship, HSC scholarship.

Eiin number, roll number, registration number, declaration.

-Performing educational administration-related tasks.

-To provide necessary rules, regulations,s, and courses of study to the colleges under its jurisdiction, etc.

-This board is responsible for holding public exams because it has all the required resources that are needed for an educational organization to work properly and efficiently; while another reason is that after passing these exams one can continue their career and future in a secure way. It also provides necessary information regarding the education system, syllabus to other organizations like universities, colleges, Madrasha’s (Islamic Universities) etcetera to help them in organizing their programs smoothly.

How does an education board play a vital role in the education system?

-When it comes to holding exams it is the responsibility of the Chittagong board only because they have all the resources that are needed for an organization like this one as mentioned above.

The board helps in making rules and regulations about education, curriculums, etc.

The board also provides information regarding these topics to other organizations like universities, colleges etcetera; so that they can organize their programs smoothly.

Now let’s go into details about how Chittagong Education Board works!

It has five divisional offices under its control: Noakhali, Barisal, Khulna, Rangpur, and Sylhet divisions which are supervised by a regional officer. The organization has an official website where students can get all the information regarding their exams.

The Board operates by establishing public schools, higher secondary schools, Madrasahs, colleges, and technical institutions in its area of jurisdiction; and appointments teachers, giving them salaries, and appointing authority to manage those institutions.

It issues admit cards for SSC and HSC examinations on its website (

Sections of CEB:

-Office section

-Maintenance Section

-Accounts Section

-Establishment and Personnel Office

-Academic Section

-Sports and Outdoor Recreation office

-Planning & Development Office

-Public Relations Office

Roles and Responsibilities of different sections:

1. Office section: The office section contains a chief administrative officer, 2 deputy chief admin officers, 5 assistant chief admin officers, 10 conference readers (grade -1), etc. who are appointed to develop the board‘s rules and regulations. They also work for other basic responsibilities like; maintaining records, giving salaries to employees etcetera. This section is headed by an authority figure who is called Chief Administrative Officer (CAO). His/her job is to issue out orders to different officers and employees that are working in the Chittagong Education Board.

2. Maintenance section: They focus on managing the educational institutions that are directly under this board like; schools, colleges, universities etcetera to make sure they are running according to rules and regulations laid down by it.

3. Accounts Section: They have 5-6 officers who work for the accounts of all these schools/colleges/universities which receive money from this board in order to function properly.

4. Academic section: This department has many different departments like Higher Secondary education or HSC Branch (Higher Secondary School Certificate) which is responsible for giving affiliation to college’s higher secondary levels, BCS ( Bangladesh Civil Service) which is responsible for giving affiliation to schools/colleges who train students in order to prepare them for civil service exams and so on.

5. Public Relations section: This department’s main work is to give information regarding the board‘s work, rules, regulations, etc. to the public through media like Newspapers, TV channels, Radio channels etcetera. They also plan programs with other organizations or departments that are related to Chittagong Board such as educational institutions, Madrasha (Islamic University), and others.

6. Sports & Outdoor Recreation Office: Like the name suggests this office deals with all sports activities of the Chittagong Education Board including football cricket etc., they’re responsible for giving affiliation to the sports institutes that are under this board.

7. Planning and Development: The planning development office’s job is to make policies for future plans, which includes hiring new teachers, creating exams schedules, making sure there are enough classrooms etc.

8. Accounts section: This department deals with giving salaries to all employees of Chittagong Education Board including teachers and others directly working under C.E.B like; cleaners, laborers etcetera which comes from the government fund so they’re paid with governmental money like other public sector departments or organizations (government jobs). They have an authority figure called the Chief Account Officer who is responsible for managing accounts of this organization along with 5-6 assistant chief account officers who work under him.

9. Establishment and Personnel office: This department deals with things like giving employment to new people, transferring employees from one section of C.E.B to another section etcetera which is done by the help of an authority figure named Chief Establishment officer who manages this entire organization along with 2-3 assistant chief establishment officers who work under him/her and other personnel officers who are responsible for hiring new employees etcetera; they do not work directly under any other office’s like main-accounts, academic, etc., they’re directly a part of Chittagong Education Board itself working in its headquarters.

In conclusion, it can be said that the Chittagong Education board plays a vital role in Bangladesh‘s educational system by making sure all educational institutes under them are functioning properly and well. It is also responsible for giving affiliation to colleges as this board is the only authority that allows Bangladeshi higher secondary institutions (college) to deliver HSC (Higher Secondary Certificate) exams after passing 12th grade, without giving affiliation no university can start its undergraduate classes in Bangladesh and one must have completed 12th before applying for any course at a university.

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